Back to the Future...


It's been four years... Since I served a church day in and day out capacity. After 9 years in the fly fishing industry, and 24 in ministry, I have learned there are some startling similarities. Fish & people are incredible and unpredictable. These last few months have been an incredible adventure, highs and lows, and the one thing that shines through is the idea that this is right, and is what God wants. As we look to this church, its new chapter, there are things here that will never be different; the family of love and support, its heart for the presence of God, and yet there is a new chapter before us. Since God is in it, well it is somewhat unpredictable, best described as - uncontrollable.

In this blog you will read and hear sermons, articles and thoughts that are at the core of our church. Please enjoy the journey!

In Christ's Adventure,