I always was...

Now and not yet

It's interesting to find the very core of what I have believed and practiced for years on a headline of an article. The article featured titled The Rise of Reformed Charismatics instantly caught my eye,  (link) and as I read I was honestly a little irritated. Why you ask??? Why shouldn't I be excited to be justified in my theology? Well not really, in many ways it's like getting excited about the discovery of breakfast or you have the super power of brushing your teeth. Cynical as it sounds my first impression was- "well duh, it's what the bible has said all along".

I am a Vineyard pastor because of the unavoidable biblical truth that God is a supernatural being, and in His very existence, the super natural is expressed. I am also a Vineyard pastor because the emotion and drama of the super natural is shepherded, and flesh is disciplined to bring the purity of God and His work alone - no hype, no drama, and yet no timid shying away made true by biblical constructs. We call that the radical middle, where word and spirit come together in an place of discipline and passion to express and experience love.

So upon the discovery of this article, and yes, it affirmed so much of what I know is true, I was in all truth relieved. Glad in so many ways that the battle lines are coming down and a radical middle of all that the Word has to offer and all that the Spirit has to offer can dwell in the hearts and minds of people; hopefully to lead us to place of power and purpose. Stay tuned and listen to next weeks message for more on this. If you can't make it on Sunday then listen to it on this site.