Tools for the 90 day Challenge


Making time to be with God is hard, these are some ideas to help you make your time more valuable and hopefully open up new ways of encountering God.

For a quick devotional moment click here, it will take you tho the sacred spaces site and click the the button that says begin the prayer.

For a reading study plan start with one of these.            

  1. Read the the proverb that corresponds with the date of the month for 3 months.          

  2. Click on these links for three thirty day options

        1. 30 days of stories you probably have not read

       2. 30 days with Jesus

       3. 30 days with the psalm & proverbs

For a way to wrap up your day Try Ignatius' Examen:

1. Place yourself in God's presence. Give thanks for God's great love for you.

2. Pray for the grace to understand how God is acting in your life.

3. Review your day — recall specific moments and your feelings at the time.

4. Reflect on what you did, said, or thought in those instances. Were you drawing closer to God, or further away?

5. Look toward tomorrow — think of how you might collaborate more effectively with God's plan. Be specific, and conclude with prayer asking to participate with God's movements here on earth through your next day.