About Us


It all started when...

Pastors Terry and Carol Helseth took a group of like-minded people on a journey to plant River of Life Lutheran Church. Then in 1996, after being impacted by John Wimber and the Anaheim Vineyard conferences, Terry and Carol found their clan and joined the Vineyard Association of Churches and the Vineyard Great Falls began.


Fast forward to today...

"Experiencing His power and presence and transforming our community as He transforms us."

As we look to partner with God in His work for the next generation, our vision is to see God impact us through: His word, prayer, and missions in ourselves, our church, our city, and beyond.


Statement of Faith

The Bible is our final authority in all matters of faith and practice. However, since the Bible is a diverse collection of narrative stories, poetry, law, and letters, it is helpful to summarize its teaching in a concise form that can be comprehended by both those deeply rooted in the Church and those who have little exposure to the Bible. This is the historical function of the ancient church creeds in the first 400 years of Christ-centered faith. Every community of faith has two major obligations in regards to its faith, namely absolute faithfulness to the Word of God, and sensitivity to the world in which they live. This means that the Vineyard movement must express the historical, biblical, orthodox Christian beliefs that we hold in common with all Christians, and the particular doctrines that are our distinctive voice, in terms that are relevant to 21st century Christians.

Our Statement of Faith is based on the conviction that the kingdom of God is the central theological motif that gives definition to all that we believe. It is a “kingdom of God” centered theology. This statement is our best current understanding of the Bible from that kingdom perspective.

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